About Us

Woman In Business, Inc. supports women by fostering networking, sharing information and experiences, and providing educational opportunities.

Woman in Business, Inc. (WIB) was founded in 1985 by Judith A. Jaeger (Founder/President Emeritus) to connect and support women, and provide a network for sharing business experiences, knowledge, and ventures.

As a 501c(3) charitable organization (#04-2947253). WIB is governed by a volunteer board of directors and working committees.

While our membership consists primarily of women in the workforce in our region, women (and men) are welcome to join our organization, regardless of their employment status or residence.

We meet monthly on the second Wednesday of each month, usually at the Publick House in Sturbridge over either breakfast or lunch. In addition to the networking opportunities afforded at these meetings, we invite knowledgeable guest speakers from our community to address topics of interest and relevancy to our business and self-care. Twice a year, we also hold an after-hours social networking event, where members are invited to display and distribute information about their company. Many friendships and business relationships have been formed over the years at our meetings and events.

As part of our mission, WIB manages an active scholarship program that has awarded over $50,000 to over 100 area graduating seniors over the last 29 years. These young people from our community have gone on to do amazing things, and we are proud of the role we have played. To help fund this initiative, WIB holds an annual fundraiser showcasing youth talent, which is generously supported through sponsorships and gifts from our local business community and friends.


WIB also takes the opportunity at its annual fundraiser to acknowledge the work of women in our community who are making a difference with their time, talents, vision and resources with the Outstanding Woman In Business Achievement Award. Past recipients include Irene Garand, Carol Porra, Rita Schiano, Alexandra McNitt, Margaret Morrissey, and Cindy Howard.

WIB has also been a long time supporter of the Festival of Giving Trees, a fun annual community  event that raises money for various cancer-care organizations. We have long relied on the creativity of our members to represent with a special and popular tree.

And, through a new community outreach initiative, we are looking for ways that as an organization and with our members we can support our neighbors and make a difference.





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